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$1000 Guaranteed Fundraiser

New School "After School Fundraising Party"" Promotion at Astro Skate!

new-school-fundraiser-promoAstro Skate would like to extend a "Welcome Wagon" of sorts to new schools. If your school is new and you are looking to hold a fund raiser, then Astro Skate has the perfect solution for you.

$1000 Guaranteed for Your Fund Raiser!!!

Book an After School Fundraising Party at any of our locations and use our buses for your party, and we will offer your new school ALL THE PROCEEDS from the event! No Kidding! What's more, regardless of the turn out, AStro Skate will Guarantee You $1000!!! How can you possibly go any where else?



Astro Skate

Congratulations to Ashley for winning Astro Skate of Pinellas $1000 scholarship!! Ashley has worked for Astro Skate……

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🚨🚨Black Friday Skate Sale 9am-9pm! 🚨🚨However much you spend on in IN STOCK Skates you will receive the same amount……

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